Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Head

Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Head

There are so many shower heads out there, from the most basic to the latest ones equipped with cool LED lights and speakers. Most people take about eight to thirteen minutes showering, and the shower is one of the most used fixtures in the bathroom. A simple shower can transform your day, that's why it's important to choose the right shower head for your bathroom. Below is a handy guide on how you choose the right shower head for your very own bathroom. 

Choose Which Material Suits Your Personal Taste and Your Bathroom Decor 

  • Stainless Steel. Sleek and modern, stainless steel is one of the most popular shower head materials today because of its resistance to rust and water stain. Durable and easy to clean, stainless steel shower heads will match any bathroom decor—from beautiful white marble to sophisticated and modern black-tiled bathrooms. 
  • Brass. If stainless steel is too common for you and you want your bathroom to stand out, go for a beautiful brass shower head. Its elegant tinge gives your bathroom a bit of that vintage feel. But its durability and its ability to withstand rust and water stains make brass a great material for any bathroom. Brass, however, is more expensive than other materials so be prepared to pay more if you want this lovely shower head. 
  • Porcelain. Capture that distinct vintage feel with a porcelain shower head that matches your bath and tiles. shower heads made of porcelain are easy to clean but are not as durable as other materials. 

Shower heads are available in different finishes. You can choose from brushed or polished chrome or nickel, bronze, copper, antique or polished brass, and plain white. 

Choose a Shower Head with Adequate Water Pressure 

Showering under older and low water pressure shower heads is frustrating. With low water pressure shower heads, rinsing off shampoo and soap can take longer. You also consume more water during the process. Before choosing a new shower head, talk to your retailer and check which shower heads offer adequate or high water pressure. Steer clear of low-flow yet high water volume shower heads. 

Select a Shower Head with Adjustable Spray Patterns   

If you want to feel clean and refreshed but still want to save water, choose a shower head with three spray pattern variations. Choose one with a basic yet complete spray coverage that is great for regular use. You should also be able to adjust it for wider spray coverage, as well as a smaller, sharper spray that targets and washes hard to reach places. 

Additional Features That Will Transform Your Shower Experience

 Indulge your inner diva by splurging on a luxurious shower head equipped with Bluetooth and speakers. Many modern shower heads also have LED lights so you can relax under its drenching spray and its soft glow. Some shower heads even have seven LED color lights installed so you can choose which color suits your mood. Other models even change to a certain color so you'll know if the water is warm, cold, or very hot.  

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